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Prototype and productionize generative AI apps. Built for engineers, not just ML practitioners.

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Explore Multi-Modal

Access generative AI models, all in one place.

No more switching between platforms or wrestling with different APIs. Focus on creating, not configuring.

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Language Models: Access GPT4, GPT3.5 Turbo & PaLM 2 for language tasks

Image & Audio Models: Whisper, Bark (Voice Generation), Stable Diffusion, and more

Hugging Face Models: Use your Hugging Face API token to access any HF models

Ship Fast

Prototype and iterate on AI apps quickly

Build, test, and iterate on AI applications in one playground. Bring your ideas to life faster with AI Workbooks.

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Notebook-like Environment: Use a familiar interface to prompt engineer and work with AI

Parametrized AI Workbooks: Use parameters to easily streamline your workbooks into reusable templates

Chaining Across Modalities: Create workflows by chaining model outputs from LLMs, image, and audio models

Build Together

Collaborate and build with your team.

Share, comment on, and organize your AI apps for a collaborative and iterative AI development experience.

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Management: Create organizations to manage workbooks amongst your teammates

Sharing: Share your workbook to the public or specific organizations you define with your team

Collaboration: Comment on workbooks and easily review and compare workbooks with your team

Built for Teams

Build, share, and discover templates

Develop templates for yourself, your team, or the broader developer community. Get started quickly with templates to see what people are building!

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